Proneem makes Marseille the capital of feathers and duvets

In early April 2015, Marseille hosted the annual congress of the International Bureau of Feathers and Downs, whose acronym is IDFD. An association formed in the aftermath of the Second World War, which brings together the entire international industry, from the representatives of producers to the industrial users of this raw material, from poultry breeding and very popular for the manufacture of clothes, pillows, cushions or duvets.

This year, the association that presides the American Stephen Palmera therefore chosen for part Marseille – a first – and the Intercontinental hotel, of which 145 of the 180 rooms are occupied by the congress participants. As is the rule within the association, it is up to a company from the host to launch the invitation. And it is to the company Proneem, founded and led by Nathalie Hagege, that the merit of having convinced industry professionals to visit the city Phocaean.

What is the link between Proneem and the universe of feathers and downs? The company, which has a production tool in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille, develops at the request of its customers microcapsules containing natural active substances that can fight against mites, bed bugs, mites and mites. even mosquitoes.

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