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Cost Control Measures | Reducing Electricity Costs Through Energy-Efficient Appliances

Electricity cost is a variable cost for a business. It fluctuates depending on the monthly electricity usage of the company. Controlling electricity costs can be a tough management policy, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Commercial refrigerators for sale nowadays have “energy saving” features. In fact, appliance manufacturers and sellers use energy efficiency as a marketing tool to encourage commercial establishments to buy their appliances.

Understanding electricity costs

Being a variable cost, electricity cost fluctuates with the level of usage and changes in the cost driver. A cost driver for electricity can be kilowatt-hours.

It is worth noticing that sometimes, electricity costs increase due to changes in the price per kilowatt-hour. Even though you reduce the level of usage, your electric bill can still be high if the local electricity company charged a high price per kilowatt-hour.

If that’s the case, changes in prices per kilowatt-hour are beyond your control. In analysing your costs, paying attention to such details can help you realize that specific increases in cost are due to external factors outside your influence as the manager-owner.

Setting that aside, if your electric bill is indeed too high due to the level of electric usage of the appliance, here is a quick guide to help you buy energy-efficient appliances for your business.

Check out energy level guide

When you look a meat cooler for sale, the first test to do if the appliance is energy-efficient is if it has an ENERGY STAR label. The second test to do is to look for the energy level rating. It must be hanging or pasted on the body of the appliance.

In the label, you will see six stars arranged similarly like a speedometer. The more stars covered means that the appliance is energy efficient.

Let’s say you’re buying ice making machines for sale and you want to know the annual operating cost. In the same energy label, check the consumption level expressed as kilowatt-hours.

Assume there are two commercial refrigerators for sale that you like:

Refrigerator A Refrigerator B
No. of Stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Consumption level 542 kWh per year 318 kWh per year

Which should you choose? To help you make a decision, there are two questions to answer:

  • Which is more energy efficient?
  • Which is more cost-efficient?

If energy-efficiency, refrigerator B is more efficient than refrigerator A. For cost efficiency, you have to compute the annual operating cost.

The annual operating cost is the kilowatt-hours per year multiplied by the electricity tariff per territory. In Queensland, peak rate tariffs are around 33 to 35 cents per kWh. Take note, however, that electricity tariff rates differ per territory.

Therefore, the annual cost to operate refrigerator A and B using a tariff rate of $0.35/kWh is $189.70 and $111.30, respectively.

Assume that your current fridge has annual operating costs of $171.15 and drinks fridges for sale have annual operating costs of $111.30, then you have cost savings of $59.85 per year. In ten years, your total cost savings would be $598.50.

Did this article inspire you to buy a new energy-efficient appliance? If yes, visit Cold Solutions at to see commercial refrigerators for sale and other appliances.

Getting to Know What Strip Out Specialists Are

Moving to a new home, but you think it needs a major renovation? Or, have you found a shop space that you can maximise your entrepreneurship plans? You are going to need all the help you can get! A piece of advice for a business or home owner, like you, owning a new space to be demolished or refurbished is that you need good strip out specialists to do the work.

What are strip out specialists

Strip out specialists are tasked to do the clearing of domestic, commercial, and private properties to make way for new space. They are equipped with the machinery and step-by-step process into upgrading your home or shop. When you make up your mind for strip out services, you can ask a strip out specialist for sound advice for you.

Strip out specialists clear out a lot of spaces. Their services vary depending on your request. Here are common services you can ask your team of strip out specialists to renovate or refurbish your home or shop space:

  1. Tile and floor covering removal – To make way for new tiles, tile removal is an option especially when the currently installed tile is dirty or damaged. Strip out specialists would give advice on dust-free tile removal when you have tiles, like marble, ceramic, terracotta, slate tiles, and more. Floor coverings, like carpet, vinyl sticker covering, and other floor coverings, can be handled by strip out specialists.

  1. Kitchen strip out – When you have a kitchen that is definitely needing an upgrade, it is best to strip out everything on the kitchen, like the sink, tapware, cabinets, cupboard, and other kitchen essentials. Strip out specialists can also remove the kitchen plumbing to replace it with a new one of your choice.

  1. Floor levelling – Contrary to the word ‘level’, floor levelling actually means to flatten. With the use of a flat cement compound, this will flatten your floor by applying the mixing of water and cement with a smooth consistency and level it out with the use of a trowel or an aluminium straight edge. Strip out specialists can do this with ease.

  1. Bathroom strip out – When you plan for a new look for the bathroom, you should know what to strip out. You can ask the strip out specialists to clear out some parts of the bathroom, like the sink or the bathtub. Total bathroom removal is also welcomed to clear out everything from the shower heads, tapware, bathtub, and other bathroom essentials.

  1. Asbestos removal – Asbestos is commonly found in old commercial spaces. If you own a shop or a building, asbestos are commonly sprayed over ceilings, floorings, and some pipes. However, it is not recommended to have asbestos in structures because it is harmful to health. If suspect that your shop space or home has asbestos, strip out specialists can have it removed.

Choose a good company for strip out jobs

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Media Relations Workshop

This Friday, January 15, 2016, we proposed a workshop dedicated to media relations at the service of international development.

Participating companies were able to discover how to better communicate and develop their media relations to perform. The speaker, Eve Leporq, Director of EVEVOTREDIRCOM, 20 years of experience in media relations including 13 international on the B to C and B to B sectors, had prepared a complete and practical program for our members:

  • Press relations issues, objectives, benefits

  • Topics of interest to the media

  • Different tools

  • Main brakes

  • Action plan for the year

  • Media kit for your distributors

  • Manage your media relations abroad from France

Proneem makes Marseille the capital of feathers and duvets

In early April 2015, Marseille hosted the annual congress of the International Bureau of Feathers and Downs, whose acronym is IDFD. An association formed in the aftermath of the Second World War, which brings together the entire international industry, from the representatives of producers to the industrial users of this raw material, from poultry breeding and very popular for the manufacture of clothes, pillows, cushions or duvets.

This year, the association that presides the American Stephen Palmera therefore chosen for part Marseille – a first – and the Intercontinental hotel, of which 145 of the 180 rooms are occupied by the congress participants. As is the rule within the association, it is up to a company from the host to launch the invitation. And it is to the company Proneem, founded and led by Nathalie Hagege, that the merit of having convinced industry professionals to visit the city Phocaean.

What is the link between Proneem and the universe of feathers and downs? The company, which has a production tool in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille, develops at the request of its customers microcapsules containing natural active substances that can fight against mites, bed bugs, mites and mites. even mosquitoes.

SMA Diffusion, 1st prize of the Export 2015 contest

SMA Diffusion, which designs and manufactures unusual food products and “design” and is already present in 22 countries, won the 1st prize “Export”. The company has been awarded by the jury for its work and its desire to export more and more.

In 2011, the company’s export turnover represented 20% of total turnover, thanks to a contract in Belgium that boosted its exports. In 2012-2013, she participated in the Primo program (today Objectif Export).

Today, SMA Diffusion has recruited an Export Manager and generates 30% of its turnover abroad. It exports to the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. To accelerate its development, SMA Diffusion has just raised € 0.5 million from an investment fund. The objective is to achieve more than 50% of international sales within 5 years, strengthen its presence in supermarkets, gain notoriety and boost productivity.

Chinese buyers meet in Qingdao

This Wednesday, December 2, cosmetic companies were able to meet a delegation from Qingdao – the first seaside resort of Mainland China – in search of cosmetics typical of Provence (scents, perfumes, soaps, creams, spa products).

From 10:00 to 12:30, companies were able to present their ranges of products to Chinese buyers very interested.

These buyers were also looking for typical products for the French Pavilion in Qingdao, which will organize a Christmas market France during the Chinese New Year.